All Ships Investors – US Clients

Whole Loans

We specialize in residential mortgage loans across the spectrum – conforming, non-conforming, fix-and-flip, performing, non-performing, domestic and international. All Ships Investors is partnered with a $100mm asset manager and we invest mainly in short-duration, non-performing assets which include residential and commercial loans as well as equipment backed loans to small and medium-sized companies. In addition to loans that we source for our portfolio, All Ships Investors can also provide access and liquidity to loan packages up to $250mm in size through the network of the principals.

Merchant Cash Advance &
Alternative Lenders

All Ships Investors can help finance your growth in the Merchant Cash Advance or Alternative Lending space. We can help finance any underlying asset type for loans 6 to 36 months in maturity with a net portfolio return of 10% or more. All Ships is not a lender and cannot provide single asset financing – we provide investment capital for a diversified portfolio of loans to loan originators looking to grow their origination volumes. If you are looking for financing from $250,000 – $10,000,000 for your loan portfolio, contact us today!

All Ships Investors – Canadian Clients

Mortgage Originators

All Ships works with Canadian Mortgage Investment Companies and Private Lenders to grow their second lien origination business. We provide investment capital for closed second lien portfolios with a net return of 10% or more. All Ships is not a lender and does not table fund single loans. We provide investment capital backed by portfolios of closed loans between $250,000 and $10,000,000 in size.

Alternative Lenders

All Ships Investors is a Canadian Lenders Association Approved Vendor. We provide up to $10,000,000 of financing for lenders to non-bank borrowers. All Ships is asset class agnostic and finances portfolios of loans that are 6 to 36 months in duration with a net yield of 10% or more. All Ships is not a lender and only finances diversified portfolios of closed loans. If you are a lender looking to grow your origination volumes up to $120mm annually, contact us for a consultation.

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